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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> 5 vague stories beginning with a mother and daughters heartbreaking attack. >> no one wants that to happen to their child. >> now the fight for justice. three women versus a d.c. cop. we have the latest development on what is happening with the growing scandal. in mills school was
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ransacked. police call it a hate crime. casey anthony has a new problem on her hands. and the harry potter mania. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with a prince george's county woman terrified. tonight, for the first time, she is speaking out. >> prosecutors announced that the attacker pled guilty, and she will testify against a woman that put her up to it. it is finally putting closure for petrino watts and her daughter. -- for katrina watts and her
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daughter. >> she likes to model. she will probably be an actress. she is very dramatic. she is very funny. she speaks to everyone. >> when anderson accosted them and threw acid at her and her 3- year-old daughter, time stopped. >> i could only cry because you do not want that to happen to your child. nobody wants that to happen to their child. i was not used to seeing her like that. my daughter was always beautiful. >> watts was dating the ex- boyfriend of to mayor ed jackson. investigators say that jackson put -- boyfriend -- ex-boyfriend of tamara jackson. investigators say that jackson but anderson up to it.
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despite such trauma watts says that tania survives. >> i see her smiling. the two-seater ulman hud -- to see her like that, it just hurts. >> that is incredible. we also have and -- two commercial aircraft collided. the weighing of and delta air lines airplane hit a smaller flight. at last check only one person on board the aircraft was hurt. there were no other injuries. the cause is still under investigation. there are two breaking
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developments on the show down over the debt crisis. president obama will once again speak to the nation about this situation. the news conference comes after the president meets with top congressional leaders. mitch mcconnell called it a great session. but standard and poor's says there is a 50% chance it will downgrade the government ready because of this congressional impasse. you can watch it right here live on abc7. police are investigating an attack at a potomac school that they are calling a hate crime. officers say that someone painted the walls doors furniture at the school. it has -- it was attacked last night or early this morning and had sexual images and hate language. we are learning more about
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the latest d.c. officer arrested in what has become a growing scandal for the npd. this is an eight-year veteran based in the third district. the number of arrested officers is one more than all of last year. >> this 37-year-old officer worked at the third district and is accused of sexually assaulting three women on three separate occasions. one of them was twice. it was one of the was on duty in uniform each time and armed with his service gun. cynthia montgomery is the next- door neighbor of the d.c. police officer. she had always felt safe living next to a cop. >> tonight, she is stunned that the 18-year-old -- that the 18-
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year veteran turned himself in today. >> i cannot believe that he is that type of person. >> he was placed under a special watch which also includes an ankle bracelet. >> i am sorry. >> he is not here. >> hearing something like this is horrible. they're here to protect and serve. >> according to court documents, in 2006 and july of last year, he approached the women on the street and ordered them to follow him to a more secluded area, threatening to arrest them if they did not obey. the city's u.s. attorney said today, "the indictment shows that no one is above all law and the u.s. attorney's office working with law enforcement partners will prosecute those
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accused of crime in the d.c. area. after being indicted, the officer was arraigned today and he pled not guilty. the police chief calls the officer's conduct appalling. >> thank you. a maryland mother and her young son made a bold escaped after being carjacked and then taken on a wild ride. this happened at a baltimore gas station last night and ended up on the capital beltway. look at this video. officers chased down duan white. the chase moved on to the beltway where the car was surrounded by police. at first chance, the mother and her baby jumped out of the car while it was still moving. she said she did not even think twice. >> i was just praying he would be ok. i am not a hero. i am just a mommy, that is all.
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>> she looks pretty good, but she did suffer some minor injuries. the baby was unharmed. a maryland man is behind bars after police tell us he tried to kidnap a 2-year-old boy right out of best buy. officers say that the attempt happened at the start on frederick road in germantown. this man grabbed the child and then tried to leave the store. but the boy's father saw this happen and chased after the suspect. the father and other witnesses tackled polymer until police arrived. he remains jailed on sammie $5,000 bond. police arrested these two men, and john huston, and craig brooks -- john haston and craig brooks.
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they are held without bond tonight charged with murder. the problems for news corp. have grown to the united states. the fbi has opened an investigation into allegations that news corp. tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. this is one week after news corp. shut down "news of the world." they may have happened to phone records of british crime victims and even those of gordon brown. let's look tennessee how -- let's look and see if this comfortable summer will last. >> it is not coming to an end. it is perfect weather. we made it up to 85 degrees. outside, it is a wonderful 74 degrees. that is not all. it is nice low humidity.
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the next time we will see something like this will be a while. i will show you more and what is coming up for the weekend. coming up, casey anthony is set to leave prison this sunday. but she is facing a new serious legal battle. protests outside of the movie theater -- we will tell you why teenagers are at the center of the issue and why it has nothing to do with the film itself. packed theaters for a midnight movie? you can blame harry potter on this one. that is coming up
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a woman is suing casey
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anthony. she is suing her for defamation. for three years, and anthony claimed that on dollars kidnapped her missing daughter. police never found the nanny but they did find a woman with the same name that anthony had provided. later, anthony admitted that she made the whole thing up. a home invasion turned into a police chase and then crashed. this was in billy. it held -- is finished with a -- this was in bellybowie. it finished in a head-on collision. the officer is expected to be ok. protests for the mandatory curfew in montgomery county and -- a rally was held in silver springs.
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under the plan, kids under 18 would have to be home by 11:00 p.m. monday through thursday and midnight on weekends. the only exceptions would be for school work, or church. for the story that has movie theaters from maryland to virginia and district flooded tonight, the final chapter of the harry potter movie series. it helped spark reading among children and made millions around the world. >> how does it all and after all these years? -- how does it all andend after all these years? >> look behind me. this is a regal kingston. you can see that a lot of those people are in the lobby, getting popcorn many spilling into the
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16 skaters who are anxiously waiting for the highest grossing series in history. >> i am very excited. it is like the end of a generation. >> there 16 theaters with kingstown with harry potter and the deathly hollows party appeared >> there are not worth for how excited we are. we have waited for so long for this. >> i was told it would be about 25 hours. >> he has been waiting that long because, like so many, he grew up with the books and connected with the characters who inhabit allhogwarsts school of witchcraft and wizardry. >> hait touches on themes of good and evil and the power of
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friendship. in the final chapter harry potter and his friends strive to defeat lord voldimor. >> i am sure people will be in tears after this. i will be. even just seeing it on screen is very emotional. >> this movie is so popular. they will actually have two showings at 2:45 a.m. as more people come, they will open up more theaters. overseas numbers have already come in. they're so strong that they believe that the franchise could shatter records . >> if that is any indication, records will be going down. we want to know if you will be planning to go to the ftse harry potter this weekend. you can go to our facebook page.
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if you would like to share your thoughts, you can always log on to our page at >> why do we not have it in a drive-in theater? >> absolutely. how about that man out there tonight? it is a harry potter kind of men. look at this great shot. there is no premier place in the whole wide world like here at home. the orangemen rising in the east, the temperatures will be -- the orangemen moon rising in the east with temperatures
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remaining the same. our high temperature to was in a pause. meanwhile, we will not get a break in the mid part of the country. the dewpoint for now -- look at kansas city. that will be well above our low temperature here. because of the extreme heat that continues and also because the ground is so dry, there are places like kansas city that have an excessive heat warning to mark where it will feel like it is 110 degrees or higher. and the terrible drought you have heard about will be spreading. that will be a major story for the poor for >> folks in the middle of the country. the jet stream is coming from the northwest. that has allowed high-pressure in and it will be moving on over the weekend. it will allow humidity to come back but that will not be until next week. in the meantime, our temperature will be 85 degrees.
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everybody is getting a break. it will be a beautiful morning to head out. sunrise will be 6:00 a.m. temperatures could be in the low-50's. temperatures tomorrow will be in the low-to-mid-80's. it will be a comfortable 85 degrees or 86 degrees. but that will begin to turn to the south. a bit of humidity will start coming back. the air quality will be moderate. and the uv index will be high. if you are heading out for the beaches, it is a great weekend for it. go to we have all the great information you need for the beaches. we make the time to celebratele bihdhdays and anniversaries, but what we should also be celebrating are
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>> the latest d.c. police officer to be arrested is among our stories on and the mistrial on the roger clemens perjury crile is as well. -- for jury trials is as well. when you think about the u.s. women's soccer team, everybody gets excited. the second round of the british open is about to begin. bogey, bogey, and this case kept the round interesting.
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>> we are just about two hours away from around two of the british open and the weather continues to be a concern. steady wind and light rain pushed worry mcilroy -- push worryrory mcilroy. seven birdies and only two bogeys on no. 9 and no. 18. incredibly, the other co-liter is tom willis. his five under par -- co-leader
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is tom lewis. he is 5 under par. he never lost focus and shares the lead. >> i am just happy to be here and then need to play well for the next three days. >> the nationals started the second half -- will start the second half against the braves in atlanta. the indians jumped on the orioles early. that is a two-run. they beat the birds 8-4. jeremy guthrie is now 3-13. the women's u.s. soccer team is rushing and like the 1999 u.s. team that won at the rose bowl. abbey wombatck has won three
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golds in three games. the u.s. runs to the title. >> at this point, it is about who wanted more could i do not care what the stats are between the two teams and the history past. it is the world cup final. it is what we have been dreaming about since we were little kids. it is our time. i am happy to have the opportunity to play and become a world champ. >> the vikings will have a new roof over their comments. after the ceiling collapsed in a snowstorm, construction workers included the new roof today. is that cooler what? if they can settle the nfl to and practice, they will be in business. the yellow jackets were stripped of their 2009 football championship. georgia tech tried to manipulate the intermission
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surrounding potential violations in both the football and basketball violations. so georgia tech got spanked by the n.c.a.a.. >> it will cost them early. we will be r
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there is breaking news out of montgomery county. as a hospital is being evacuated because of a fire. it started some work in the maternity ward. one last look at the weather current >> it is gorgeous tonight and tomorrow we will have a lot of sunshine. temperatures will slowly be creeping up. have a great weekend. >> good night
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